How often do you feel gratitude? 
I was filled with appreciation, recently, but that feeling sometimes wanes and I'd love to feel more gratitude. One should be able to be grateful for everything, every single moment in their life, not only when something good happens.
I became annoyed by something recently...I couldn't appreciate anything at the time. Holding those emotions are totally unhealthy, and I regretted right away. So, I was trying to find anything I could be grateful for, even in that irritating situation. It wan't easy to find peace of mind, however, I finally found serenity and felt better. What I did was that I kept saying "thank you" with my each step every morning.
"Thank you" is the magic word. It changes our emotions immediately. It is very important to count one's blessing. 
Have you ever experienced when something good happened to you in sequence? If so, do you remember that you felt happy and grateful all the time? 
You may think that you were happy because of the good things happening, but the truth is how you were feeling at that time and that brought on the moments you'd appreciate more.  
The reason I talk about this today is that a lot of people can't think of many great things in usual life.
You really can be happy all the time, and for that, it is very important to truly feel appreciation without any other negative feeling in your life. Then, your life can be filled with joy!
It may, at first, seems difficult to control your mind, but you can do it! Please just remember that you have to change your thoughts to the positive side when you are sad, mad, or depressed, and try to thank everything. 


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